Case study: Health care

Virtual Sales Kickoffs for eHealth

eHealth is a private online marketplace for health insurance. The company primarily provides plans related to Medicare such as prescription drug plans, Medigap, and Medicare Advantage plans.

E Health Mountain Goat AEP kick off

Event goals

  • Host virtual sales kickoffs in five geographic regions prior to the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period

  • Arrange multiple networking and happy hour sessions to allow employees to get to know one another

  • Design an event space that includes both networking opportunities and a main stage presentation to award prizes

Frameable Events experience

  • Designed multiple kickoffs in the Frameable Events platform for events between 70 and 90 attendees with both networking Lounges and Stages

  • Allowed attendees to rename table topics to encourage free and open discussions

  • Utilized Frameable Events's photo booth, word game, jigsaw puzzle, and background music features to allow multiple ways for employees to engage with one another

  • Encouraged attendees to share their photo booth pictures via teams or email to continue engagement after the event

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