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Membership Association Events for Exponent Women

Exponent Women raises women dealmakers to a new power by providing access to an existing ecosystem that delivers meaningful interactions and actionable content.

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Event goals

  • Design virtual events for a variety of uses including interviews, board meetings, and casual discussions

  • Create sponsored booths and networking opportunities for several events

  • Have attendees build meaningful connections with one another

Frameable Events experience

  • Hosted multiple events in the Frameable Events platform, creating different experiences by using a variety of layouts and features

  • Utilized sponsored booths at Exponent's 4th Annual Exchange, creating branded tables for over 100 attendees to visit

  • Prompted guests to network and move from table to table with Frameable Events's networking nudge feature

  • Encouraged guests to complete their User Profiles in events that involved networking, making each guest's name, organization, organization type, and location easily visible

Lou Halstead

Chief Production Officer, Exponent Women

Lou Halstead

[Frameable Events] is a user–friendly platform that has been amazing for Exponent Women. The team at [Frameable Events] has really worked to make this platform the preferred choice and we will continue to recommend it to others!

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