Case study: Education

Flordia International University Virtual Networking Events

Flordia International University (FIU) is a top-ranked public research university serving a diverse student body of more than 58,000 students and 270,000 alumni worldwide.

Event goals

  • Host multiple events for students entering the MBA program to help them build relationships and get to know members of their cohort

  • Provide table topics to encourage discussion and conversation among classmates

  • Customize the virtual event space to reflect FIU branding

  • Enable a hands-off experience for the event host, allowing MBA students to navigate through the event themselves

Frameable Events experience

  • Designed an event with a Lounge layout, allowing attendees to move from table to table and get to know classmates in their group

  • Hosted two one-hour events for different cohorts, each welcoming about 50 guests

  • Encouraged guests to fill out User Profiles, allowing them to display their name, work, interests, and location

  • Prompted guests to move tables after 4 minutes with Frameable Events' networking nudge feature

  • Enabled use of the Frameable Events' photo booth encouraging attendees to take pictures with their cohort

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