Case study: Non-profit

Students Learn Students Vote (SLSV)'s 2022 Post-Election Gathering

The Students Learn Students Vote (SLSV) Coalition is the largest national non-partisan network in the United States dedicated to increasing college student voter participation and engagement.

Event goals

  • Host a 3-day virtual Post-Election Gathering to engage, activate, and celebrate students and community members across the county and celebrate after the election season

  • Simulate the connections, interactivity, and excitement that is generated at annual conferences, but in a way that is accessible to anyone in the #StudentVote movement no matter where they live

  • Provide a virtual experience unlike anything attendees were used to

Frameable Events experience

  • Designed an event with 15 different rooms to house various types of programming, workshops, networking opportunities, awards ceremonies, and socials for participants

  • Utilized the Hybrid room layout for various workshops to allow for small group conversation and connection throughout each workshop without disrupting the workshop leader

  • Added custom backgrounds, and logos to create a branded event experience

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