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Virtual Happy Hour for Square

Square is a software company supporting sellers worldwide, making credit card payments possible for businesses large and small by turning mobile phones into credit card readers.

Event goals

  • Host an informal happy hour for the Customer Success Leads team, allowing coworkers to network and get to know one another

  • Engage attendees with giveaways throughout the one-hour event

  • Quickly and easily design events in a user-friendly platform

Frameable Events experience

  • Designed an event with a Stage layout for a welcome session and giveaways, and a Lounge layout for the happy hour portion of the event

  • Used Frameable Events' built-in table topics to offer fun questions and prompts designed to help everyone open up and get the conversation flowing

  • Enabled User Profiles, allowing attendees to display their work, interests, location, and typical breakfast

  • Played background music to create a casual, welcoming event environment

Christa Davis

Employee Engagement Manager, Square

This felt as similar to a true in-person event as could be expected in a digital space. I hosted a happy hour for leadership and we were able to move between tables, listen to music, laugh, play games and have fun with giveaways. Feedback from the other attendees was very positive! Everyone had a great time! I can imagine many uses for this product - both in the realm of fun as well as work related (ie brainstorm sessions, meetings requiring breakout rooms, etc.). Two thumbs up from me!

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