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Virtual Events for TechChange

TechChange is an all-in-one digital training and events firm that works to build and deliver engaging virtual experiences for a variety of audiences. TechChange has worked with over 300 organizations and 500,000 users in the last 10 years to address social and global challenges.

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Event goals

  • Assist clients who are looking for virtual networking and expo hall opportunities

  • Design a variety of event types within one platform

  • Allow attendees to sign in to events efficiently and easily

Frameable Events experience

  • Designed and hosted over 100 events in the Frameable Events platform

  • Utilized Frameable Events for a variety of different events and organizations including RightsCon, USAid, Unicef, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Set up SSO integration, allowing attendees to sign in via their existing TechChange or organization accounts

  • Enabled Frameable Events features such as large tables, event chat, live captioning, RTMP streaming, and games to enhance attendee experience

Nick Martin

President and CEO, TechChange

Nick Martin

At TechChange, we produce virtual conferences and networking events for some of the world’s largest and well-known foundations and non-profit organizations including USAid, Unicef, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. [Frameable Events] is fast, intuitive, customizable layout and breakout tables provide the closest to an in-person experience we've had at any virtual event yet! We’ve tried every provider - [Frameable Events] is hands down the best in class.

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