Case study: Non-profit

Virtual Q&A for the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association

For over 130 years, the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association has served as the voice of cheese and dairy manufacturers by advocating for the industry and providing networking opportunities, trusted information, and education. WCMA has hosted the World Champion Cheese Contest, the world’s respected and honored technical cheese and butter competition, biennially since 1957.

Cheese makers gathered around winning cheeses for the Cheese champions tour

Event goals

  • Host a Q&A with exclusive behind-the-scenes content from two champion cheesemakers

  • Showcase pre-recorded videos of cheesemakers from the Wisconsin Cheese Champion's Tour

  • Ensure attendees are able to easily access the event space

Frameable Events experience

  • Designed an event with a Stage layout, allowing attendees to raise their hands and unmute to ask questions

  • Hosted a 1-hour event with a combination of pre-recorded videos and live information from expert Wisconsin cheesemakers

  • Enabled multiple login options allowing guests to sign into the event via Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, or email

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