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William & Mary's Networking Events

The College of William & Mary is a public research institution located in Williamsburg, Virginia. The university is the second oldest institution of higher learning in the United States, and a cutting-edge research university.

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Event goals

  • Host virtual career and networking expos, giving students the opportunity to connect with professionals at various organizations

  • Encourage attendees to visit multiple organizations throughout the event

  • Allow attendees to easily exchange contact information to connect with one another both during and after the event

Frameable Events experience

  • Designed multiple events with Lounge rooms based on job industries with Tables hosted by organizations and sponsors

  • Attendees met with an average of 19 individuals throughout the two-hour event

  • Encouraged guests to fill out User Profiles, allowing them to display their name, college or alma matter, location and LinkedIn profile

  • Prompted guests to move tables after 12 minutes with Frameable Events' networking nudge feature

Hannah Garfinkel

Director of Operations, Global Innovation Challenge at William & Mary

Hannah Garfinkel

The closest thing I've seen to actual in-person networking events! As a virtual networking event platform, [Frameable Events] makes networking seem more "real." As a host I found the event easy to customize. As an attendee I loved the ease of seeing what was happening at the entire event, and engaging with tables that looked the most interesting.

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