Automatically record all presentations and speakers on stage during your event and access the recordings at any time!
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Frequently asked questions

What are recordings?

Recordings are a great way to capture stage speakers and presentations, as well as audience audio and emoji feedback.

Use stage recordings to document and share content after the event, whether for guests that couldn't make it or to create produced promo materials for your event.

Contact us to enable stage recordings for your event.

How do I turn on recordings?

Contact us to enable stage recordings for your event.

Once stage recordings are enabled for your event, navigate to the Rooms section in your event's design studio. From there, you can switch to any room and turn on stage recordings for that specific room using the Record stages in this room toggle.

How do I start a recording?

Once your room is in Stage or Hybrid layout, the stage portion and audio from the audience will be recorded automatically. Everyone in the room will be notified upon entry that a stage recording is in progress.

Where do I find my recordings?

Once your event is over, navigate to the Metrics and recordings section in your event's design studio. From there, you can search for stage recordings across your rooms and download the recordings to your device.

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